code and creativity

megan burleson designer developer
What I Do

code and creativity

Web Design and Development

I have designed and developed websites and apps for small businesses, e-commerce, blogging platforms, branding/brochure sites, and many more.

code and creativity

Graphic Design

I have designed graphics and have created artwork for major retail outlets, print materials for major corporations, and brand designs for various clients.

code and creativity

And More!

When I'm not working with a client or agency, I am always working on my own creative projects and coming up with ideas.

megan burleson designer developer


Megan is a pleasure to work with. She listens to your ideas, and turns them into reality. I am thrilled with the work she did on my website, and continue to use her on an as needed basis. I would highly recommend her work to anyone looking for a fun and quality design

Emily Knight

As a client, I am every designer's worst nightmare: last minute, frequent changes, not sure of what I need - you get the picture. Megan put it all together on time, on budget, and on trend for the look I had to have. My office will continue to use her services, as long as she'll have us!

Joel Rash

Not only is Megan a design whiz, she codes like a demon – and delivers on time and under budget. She asked great questions to get clarity on what I wanted, and used her mad creative skills to give me the best website I’ve ever owned. Plus, she was professional, friendly, and knew her stuff – everything I needed in a web designer.

Lisa Robbin Young

Megan helped create a website for my business that is very user-friendly and attractive. I was overwhelmed when thinking about designing my own website since I am not computer savvy and had unique needs as a healthcare provider. With Megan’s help the process was smooth and stress-free. Even after the designing process was over and on to this day she continues to help me troubleshoot and update. I receive comments on the website design and functionality weekly. Megan went above and beyond in creating everything that I had asked for and I am confident that she will do the same for you!

Ashley Lucas, PhD, RD