About Me

I was raised with science fiction movies, books, and video games. So, it wasn’t a surprise to my parents when after getting my first computer when I was 5 – a Commodore 64 – I exclaimed that I was going to be a graphic designer when I grew up. I really liked Print Shop and Color Me. After drawing my way through high school, I went on to college to earn my degree in Graphic Design.

megan burleson designer developer

After college, I started my career as a graphic designer by designing stationery for major retail outlets, and print materials for the corporate world, and then I became fascinated by web design and development. I fired up my left brain and taught myself HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

megan burleson designer developer

Now, I spread happiness with

creativity and code

What I'm Up To Now

  • Working on various coding projects using JavaScript, and React frameworks.

  • Currently, I am learning 3D modeling with Blender to use with 3D printing projects.

  • I am also making a bunch of art, and posting it on Instagram.

  • I love what I do, and I keep myself up to date with current design and coding trends and practices on a regular basis.


megan burleson designer developer

Web Design and Development

Experienced using and working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CMS frameworks, and more for responsive web development.

I work with tools like Adobe XD and Photoshop to wireframe and conceptualize multi-fidelity website comps.

I can translate layered comps into pixel perfect code and make anything look great across a variety of devices.

I utilize open source tools, api’s, and frameworks according to project needs and to maintain frontend code structure.

megan burleson designer developer

Graphic Design

I use digital illustration tools including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to design graphic assets for use across a variety of multimedia that inspires and informs.

Experience developing both digital / print design projects (brochures, logos, posters, infographics, advertisements)

I am also adept in setting up files for production, photo editing and color correction.