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Megan Burleson Graphic Designer and Developer

Hi! Welcome to my blog!

Hello! And welcome to the obligatory first post of a brand new blog!

First I will tell you a bit about myself -

I am a graphic designer and web developer residing in Michigan, where I live with my little family. I am a mom of two wonderful kids, and a pet mom of two dogs and two guinea pigs. My husband is also a software engineer - and we both work from home!

I was raised with science fiction movies, books, and video games - and I continue to be a big nerd who's into all of that and I like to bring that into my creative work as well. When I'm not designing and programming websites for clients, I am combining creativity and code to make art and coding fun interactive things.

When I'm not doing that, I am learning new things and leveling up my skills.

On this blog you will see examples of everything I'm into and want to show off! This site and blog are always a work in progress - so please join my newsletter (form in sidebar) and join the ride!

Also, feel free to follow me on all the social medias @creativityandcode on most platforms! Say hi!

Thanks for reading, and I'll See you around!

Megan Burleson

about me

Hello! My name is Megan Burleson, and I am a Designer and Developer residing in Michigan. I spread happiness by combining code and creativity to design graphics and build websites, apps and digital products that are fun, usable and accessible to everyone. Basically, I like to create art and code fun things!

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