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Spooky Buckets Art

Back in July 2022, I suddenly got spooky month vibes. So, I of course, dug back into my childhood for some inspiration. I am a Xennial. So, to me, McDonald's Happy Meal Buckets came to mind (and of course the McNugget guys)!

Then, in August, the rumor began that they were coming back...

...and then It was confirmed in October, and now I am convinced I can manifest the weirdest things.

So, youre welcome?

Recreating these guys in my style (of the moment) I decided to add a mcVampire bucket (didn't you think that was missing? Or is it a thing I am mis-remembering?)

Spooky Buckets, The Game!

I love combining art with code. So as a simple JavaScript exercise, I decided to make a Matching game featuring these Spooky Buckets!

You can play it, here!

Spooky Buckets Game! by Megan Burleson Copyright ©2022

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