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Lisa Robbin Young


Lisa is a business coach, a best selling author, and a talented singer. How do you pull three completely things together into one website? Easy – let Lisa be your guide! Lisa’s personality was my muse when doing her website redesign, and together we developed a showcase for all of her endeavors that is fun, full of spunk and inspiration – just like Lisa.

Lisa Robbin Young Blog Design 2015


Lisa needed a way to show case her different types of content, a calendar, an easy template to sell her products and to collect leads. She also needed to be able to update this herself in an easy way.


Lisa was my client. I handled everything, from gathering requirements, research, wireframing, mockups, design revision and web development.


  • WordPress
  • Landing Page Template
  • Blog template
  • Email Form
  • Event Calendar


I’ve been a DIY website girl my whole internet career – heck, I built one of the first-ever e-commerce websites back in the 1990’s using HotDog and Notepad (which probably shows my age). So I know my way around a WordPress install. But design? Fuhgeddaboutit. I’m really good at tweaking, not designing. When I knew it was time to bring in a professional to custom-design my site, I was worried that I wouldn’t know how to communicate what I wanted, and worse, that I’d have to micro-manage the designer to get what I needed in a timely manner.

Enter Megan and her magical unicorn of joy!

Not only is Megan a design whiz, she codes like a demon – and delivers on time and under budget. She asked great questions to get clarity on what I wanted, and used her mad creative skills to give me the best website I’ve ever owned. Plus, she was professional, friendly, and knew her stuff – everything I needed in a web designer. Finding the right balance between eye-catching design and functionality can be tough. Megan rocked it! I now have a site that communicates to my right audience who I am and what I’m about – and it looks great, too. I get SO many positive comments on my site now that I’m starting to wonder how many people ran screaming from my old DIY site before I met Megan!

– Lisa Robbin Young