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Ashley came to me full of excitement to start her new nutrition business. She had a vision and needed help bringing it to fruition. During the process of designing and setting up her business website, we discussed her clients needs and what she needed to run her business smoothly.


  • New Logo Design
  • A website that is easy to update and maintain.
  • An all in one site where Ashley could use the site as a business tool.
  • All in one invoicing system, and a way to communicate with her clients.


  • Brand Design
  • Feature: Invoicing system
  • Feature: Client Portal
  • Feature: Lead generation form


  • WordPress CMS
  • Brand Design Package
  • Client Portal WP Theme Development
  • Business Stationery Package


Megan helped create a website for my business that is very user-friendly and attractive. I was overwhelmed when thinking about designing my own website since I am not computer savvy and had unique needs as a healthcare provider. With Megan’s help the process was smooth and stress-free. Even after the designing process was over and on to this day she continues to help me troubleshoot and update. I receive comments on the website design and functionality weekly. Megan went above and beyond in creating everything that I had asked for and I am confident that she will do the same for you!

– Ashley Lucas, PhD, RD