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Spooky Buckets!


Back in July 2022, I suddenly got spooky month vibes. So, I of course, dug back into my childhood for some inspiration. I am a Xennial. So, to me, McDonald's Happy Meal Buckets came to mind (and of course the McNugget guys)!

Recreating these guys in my style (of the moment) I decided to add a mcVampire bucket (didn't you think that was missing? Or is it a thing I am mis-remembering?)

Spooky Buckets, The Game!

I love combining art with code. So as a simple JavaScript exercise, I decided to make a Matching game featuring these Spooky Buckets!

You can play it, here!

Spooky Buckets Game! by Megan Burleson Copyright ©2022

Spooky Buckets Halloween Card

Using this artwork - I made an animated card to send out to my friends and family!